ZARGES launches new generation of modular nursing and organisation trolleys

Products are customisable and easily configured with drawers and shutters

ZARGES has launched modular nursing and organisation trolleys

ZARGES has launched its next-generation modular nursing and organisation trolleys.

The products can be customised to a specific application in a few simple steps – without the need for any tools.

Previously, users only had the option of installing accessories on the housing of the trolley to modify them for different applications. The user-friendly trolleys can now be used as nursing, medication, anaesthetic, or emergency workstation trolleys.

The new design also introduces further ergonomic and hygiene improvements, featuring a removable worktop which is easily cleaned.

In addition, the product has been developed to be compatible with the standard HTM71 modular system for hospital logistics.

The fittings on every MPO trolley can be freely configured: standard models of various sizes can be combined with a wide variety of drawers and roller shutters. In addition, the interior of the trolleys can also be fitted with special ZARGES modular baskets, a choice of locking systems and colour schemes are available.

“During the product’s development, the product management department, and sales department worked closely together,” said Benn Moffat, ZARGES UK business development manager.

“The result of this intensive effort to maximise user benefits is an intelligent modular system with internationally-accepted design that has universal appeal across hospital departments and international markets.

“The underlying principle is to make it possible to create a large number of variants and configurations from a manageable number of standard models.”