Traka integrates With G4S access control software

Integration allows the functionality of the Traka32 software to be managed through Symmetry

Traka, the key management specialist, can now integrate its systems with the G4S access control software, Symmetry.

The integration allows the functionality of the Traka32 software to be managed through Symmetry. The G4S access control technology can now include key management along with its existing identity management, alarm management, video management and command and control functionality.

Symmetry can be scaled up or down, depending on the size of the business. Used by 30,000 organisations in 90 countries, Symmetry is Open security software that meets all typical IP networking and integration requirements.

Traka32’s curfew functionality ensures keys are checked out or returned in specific, defined time increments and fault logging can show a problem that occurred during an asset’s use and ensures that faulty items are automatically locked-in until fixed. Through Symmetry it can also create a closed-loop system, which means that if a key, particularly one that is sensitive to the security of the facility, is not returned it can prompt an alarm and allows the central administrator to automatically restrict access permissions. This means that individuals can be restricted from leaving the building if they have not returned a key.

David Ella, vice president of technology marketing at G4S Technology, said “The integration between Traka key and asset management solutions and Symmetry means we can offer a more holistic solution. Physical assets and keys are often the weak link in a facility’s security process, as they often rely on creating manual records, leaving room for human error. Traka is a sophisticated solution that can tie key and asset management automatically into a wider, comprehensive access control system, like Symmetry.”