Practice-based commissioning solution to aid GP consortia

Medeanalytics has launched its new Clinical Commissioner - a practice-based commissioning solution to aid GP consortia and PCT clusters as they strive to monitor and manage local commissioning processes. Clinical Commissioner includes a suite of locally-adaptable reporting solutions covering primary care, acute care, claims validation, and the management of long-term conditions. Pioneered at Bexley Care Trust, it transforms data extracts from multiple sources including prescription pricing, contracting and GP systems into analytics and reports, which consortia can use to better target their resources. Dr Sid Deshmukh, clinical lead for Bexley Care Trust, said: "Clinical Commissioner has given us a much better understanding of our finances, helping us to redesign clinical pathways and ensuring that patients get seen in the most appropriate place while saving us money." Paul Fitzsimmons, managing director of MedeAnalytics, added: "If the vision of joined up co-operation with PCTs, local authorities and the transition to GP consortia is to be successful, the existing NHS data glut must be transformed into valuable insight and information. Clinical Commissioner is the ideal solution to drive efficiencies by providing the insight that challenges provider overcharging, identifies variations in patient pathways that can lead to poor quality care or higher than necessary costs, and monitors individual practice performance against pre-determined consortium budgets."