Mipolam Symbio - a sustainable futureproof flooring for hardworking environments

The ideal choice for healthcare environments

Gerflor's Mipolam Symbioz is a sustainable, hardwearing flooring suited to healthcare environments where sustainability is key

With the market for sustainable flooring growing at a steady pace; it’s important for designers and specifiers to select products that are both modern and contemporary and deliver an outstanding degree of performance with minimal impact on the environment.

Gerflor is an international flooring specialist which is leading a green revolution, with the manufacture of aesthetically-pleasing products that meet eco challenges head-on by using renewable organic raw materials, which, in turn, lower the environmental impact at every stage of a product’s life.

The Mipolam Symbioz homogenous range is the company’s first flooring to contain a 100% bio-based plasticiser made of corn and wheat.

The range now includes 38 stunning colours overall, with 14 new colours, supplementing Mipolam Symbioz, and a further seven added to the new Mipolam Symbioz Nova collection, with a rubber appearance.

The colour palette across the two complementary designs allows designers to specify creative flooring solutions for a vast selection of hardworking applications and markets.

The products are perfect for tprojects where there is a need for clear delimitation of areas.

Mipolam Symbioz is the company’s first flooring to contain a 100% bio-based plasticiser made of corn and wheat

The variety of new colours offer a clean, aesthetic design approach perfectly suited to a multitude of healthcare environments.

Mipolam Symbioz is an ideal choice for hospitals, private clinics, and elderly homes for bedrooms, corridors, waiting rooms and reception rooms.

Gerflor’s R&D heritage and technical capability with Mipolam Symbioz also delivers a high-performing product that has a T Group wear rating for demanding and high-traffic areas, superior abrasion resistance, and comes with the exclusive and patented Evercare surface treatment for easy maintenance and up to 30% savings, with no wax needed for the life of the product and an unrivalled level of chemical and stain resistance.

The combination of Evercare with antibacterial and fungicidal treatments also ensures that stains such as blood and iodine can be safely and hygienically removed with a minimum of water and detergent, up to 80% reduced water and detergent consumption.

This reduces maintenance costs and lowers the environmental impact.

Mipolam Symbioz is ISO 22196 certified to limit the spread of infections, including MRSA, E. coli and S.aureus, at 99% and delivers TVOC Effective 28 days <10μg/m3 => indoor air quality.

It is also 100% REACH compliant, Floorscore certified, and 20% lighter than standard products.