MAT completes project at Ramsay Health Care's Renacres Hospital

The extensive operating theatre programme was completed in less than one month

Medical Air Technology (MAT) has completed an operating theatre project at Ramsay Health Care’s Renacres Hospital in Ormskirk. MAT has previously undertaken multiple projects at various Ramsay Health Care sites. The hospital commits itself to ongoing investment in advanced medical technology and decided to bring its operating theatre suites up to the latest standards outlined in HTM 03-01 and install new heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems in both its ultraclean and conventional theatres. New endoscopy and recovery areas completed the upgrade.

The extensive programme was carried out to a tight deadline – MAT had less than a month to complete the project, sequencing work to ensure certain services remained available. In addition, the project ran over the Christmas and New Year period. MAT was able to take Ramsay’s design brief and develop this into a scope of works that could be delivered to a high standard within a short period of time while allowing normal hospital activities to be carried out with no disruption. MAT’s highly skilled site management, design and project team worked closely with Ramsay staff and engineers to ensure the project was delivered successfully, with handover taking place five days earlier than stipulated.

The project started with an extensive survey of existing systems to assess the scope of works and timeframe required. Existing supply and extract systems were stripped out and replaced with new HTM 03-01-compliant supply and extract air handling systems. The existing HVAC control system was fully replaced and upgraded where necessary to support the new plant installation.

A strategy was developed to adapt and modify existing ductwork to ensure HTM 03-01 compliance, including the installation of pressure stabilisers within theatres. A detailed fire strategy was developed and automatic fire and smoke dampers were installed into existing and new ductwork, as well as improvements to fire barriers. Works also included upgrading of doors and finishes to Theatres 1 and 2 and provision of a new scrub room.

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