GDPR-ready solution for healthcare customer journey management launched by Qmatic

Orchestra 7 to adhere to GDPR for patient data management throughout the customer engagement cycle

A new GDPR-ready customer journey management solution, which adds value through a host of pre-existing, flexible, integrated modules and real-time analytics, has been launched by Qmatic.

Orchestra 7 is the latest version of Qmatic’s flagship enterprise platform, which is completely modular enabling customers to choose from pre-packaged solutions like appointment management and self-service patient check-in for healthcare services, or tailor a solution that matches their exact needs.

To meet the requirements of the new GDPR legislation that will be introduced throughout the European Union in May 2018; Orchestra 7 has been made GDPR ready. This means that the system ships with a set of documentation, processes and tools to help the user comply with the legislation.

Vanessa Walmsley, Qmatic UK managing director, said: “Orchestra 7 was designed with an increased focus on security.

“With GDPR imminently replacing the Data Protection Act, any organisation that processes personal data must be in compliance with the new rules, so Orchestra 7 will bring peace of mind to retailers.”

Efficient customer journey management means streamlining every engagement point for patients seeking to get serviced. This means online and onsite, as well as instantly or with an appointment, including post-service customer feedback.

The latest version of Orchestra includes features and modules like mobile ticketing, instant customer feedback, business intelligence and statistics.

Orchestra 7 also offers new and improved functionality in areas such as appointments and web booking. Not only does this provide for a smooth customer experience, together with functionality such as business intelligence and statistics; it also makes Orchestra 7 a powerful tool for resource planning and operational optimisation.

Moreover, with modernised platform support, Orchestra 7 stays current with requirements for integration with existing IT infrastructure. To guarantee integrity and reliability the new version also features updated and improved security.