Turun UK Ltd


Bedford House
69-79 Fulham High Street
United Kingdom

+44 207 731 0132



Turun UK have been specialising in solutions for fall prevention, patient wandering, telecare, infant security and asset tracking since 1995.


Turun products are designed for caregivers to help enhance care and reduce concern and worry. When used in conjunction with caregiver watchfulness, and programs that include training, risk assessment and evaluation, Turun technology solutions help healthcare providers meet the highest standards of safety and quality.

Solutions for Reducing Falls

  • TABS fall monitors
  • TABS bed and chair pad
  • TABS single use bed and chair pads
  • Treadnought floor mats
  • FallsX Bedside Monitor
  • FallsX Infrared Monitor
  • SafePresence Caregiver Communicator
  • SafePresence Hook-Up
  • SafePresence Not-Back-In-Bed Alert

Solutions for Infant Protection

  • Hugs System
  • Kisses System

Solutions for Moving and Walking About

  • WanderGuard wander alert systems
  • RoamAlert wander alert systems
  • Treadnought floor mats
  • SafePresence Hook-Up
  • Caregiver Alerts

SafePresence Caregiver Communicator

  • SafePresence CareHub
  • SafePresence Hook-Up
  • SafePresence Not-Back-in-Bed

Infection Control

  • ABS Solo single use bed and chair pads
  • Treadnought antibacterial floor mat

Asset Tracking and Staff Safety

  • RoamAlert system

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