Nora Flooring Systems

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CV23 0PA
United Kingdom

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Nora systems has been manufacturing floor coverings, steptreads and accessories made of rubber for more than 60 years.


We are the market leader in rubber floor coverings. One of our key applications is health care with its multifaceted demands on design and function. The advantages offered by rubber flooring are of particular benefit in this area.

Indoor air quality is an important factor increasingly being considered important to the patient’s recovery process, but it also contributes to creating a healthy working environment for hospital staff. The quality of indoor air can be primarily determined by the choice of building materials. The floor covering in particular because of its large area is a decisive factor to assuring healthy indoor air, but installation materials such as adhesives, primers and levellers should also be harmless to health and ecologically safe. Nora System blue is going one step further by providing a 360° quality management system for floorings. It combines low emission nora rubber floorings with low emission primers, screeds, dpms and adhesives all carrying the Blue Angel label.

Nora has many environmental awards including BRE, Blue Angel, Greenguard Indoor Air Quality, Emas, nora Uk is also a member of the UK Green Building Council, and the UKRFA.