Medical Devices Technology International Ltd

The Kace Building
Victoria Passage
United Kingdom



MDTi commercialises medical devices that emanate from within the NHS; all are NHS stock items or available on prescription


From a simple nasal clip to stem nose bleeds, RhinoPinch Clip, to a Femmax - set of four vaginal dilators/trainers for post pelvic radiotherapy treatment or sexual dysfunction. The full set comprises a nice discreet case with the four dilators, a CD with relaxation music and two sachets of lubricant. This product is on prescription.

Ortho-Glide - a lower leg rehabilitation device also helps to prevent DVT.

Hook-It range - various drip/iv/fluid holders which hang on hospital curtain rails or custom made wall brackets. They replace the need for cumbersome drip stands. They are authoclaveable, lightweight and simple to store.

Uflow meter - helps detect obstructions/restrictions in urethra, helps to diagnose if there may be a prostate problem.

All products are ISO 13485, ISO 14001 and ISO 9000:2001 accredited.