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Electrolux Professional is a world leader in the production and distribution of professional food service and laundry solutions. With the highest R&D investment in its industry, Electrolux Professional is committed to thoughtful innovation, helping its partners win with their customers, for the consumer.


At Electrolux, we understand the unique challenges that the care sector presents in both laundry and food service. Our aim is to provide innovative solutions that not only maintain the levels of hygiene that are critical, but are practical and cost effective.

All of our products are the best in terms of quality, for a long life cycle with the lowest life costs. They are designed for low energy, water and detergent consumption and low emissions to reduce the impact on the environment and maximise our customer’s benefits.

Our laundry solutions are designed to help you avoid recontamination of linen. With our barrier system, clean and dirty laundry never come into contact with each other, helping to fight against infection within places where hygiene is critical.

We know the differences between visual cleanliness, and hygienic cleanliness, our processes and recommendations meet all industry regulations and guidelines and are compliant with current government legislation and the RABC system. We have created the Laundry Cycle Management system, to help laundries in care homes to understand how critical it is to keep clean linen as clean as possible, with either an existing laundry set up, or for a new build care home.

For your free Laundry Cycle Management pack, call us now on 08444 631 261 or email epr.info@electrolux.co.uk

Within our vast range of Food Service solutions, we have many different products which can help to make kitchen life easier within care homes. Our full range of kitchen products have innovative features to help keep costs down, and collectively create highly efficient, economical and ergonomic kitchens that combine excellent results, productivity and hygiene with low energy consumption and operating costs.

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