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Eastern Pathology Alliance to offer Hepatitis C testing to wider NHS

The EPA will capitalise on next generation sequencing technology

Axe the fax machine, not the fax, experts advise

Can digital fax technology help to more-effectively drive the Government's plan to rid the NHS of archaic fax machines?

Why cloud is the best medicine for the NHS

Jasmit Sagoo, senior director and head of technology at Veritas Technologies, explains how the NHS can keep up with ...

Comment: Delivering patient-centric delivery models

Martin Taylor, deputy chief executive of Content Guru, explains how rethinking the way in which health and care ...

NHS trusts boost tech spending by £150m since WannaCry attack

Parliament Street think tank reveals increased spending on cyber security by NHS trusts

Manchester NHS trust invests £10.9m in new energy technology

Energy Performance Contract funds improvements at Wythenshawe Hospital and Withington Community Hospital

No dust allowed: when containment equipment is a must

AMI Environmental, a health and safety service firm, explains why it has chosen Hepacart as its go-to partner in ...

Bolstering security with data-driven facilities management

Trevor Ball, business development manager for the UK and Ireland at Allegion UK, explains how health facilities can ...

North West health technology entrepreneurs win European funding

Two North West entrepreneurs are among winners of a European HealthTech funding competition

How testing saves lives

In this article, Michael Walton, a medical device expert at Rigel Medical explores the use of modern defibrillation ...

Health experts reveal 10 most important medicines in NHS history

Antipsychotics, breast cancer drug, oral contraceptives and MMR vaccine make the top 10

FEATURE: The ongoing fight against infection: continuing to rid the wards of MRSA and C. difficile

The latest statistics from the Health Protection Agency1 (HPA) show that all the work the NHS has put into infection ...

Two new care home developments launched in Bedfordshire

Stepnell completes construction of £9m high-end care facilities for Frontier and Baycroft

First flight touches down on hospital's new £500,000 helipad

Test flights arrive at Hull Royal Infirmary’s new helipad, funded by the HELP Appeal