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Suit that helps improve muscle movement subject of NICE’s 100th Medtech Innovation Briefing

Mollii Suit electrical stimulation body suit one of three briefings issues this week

Better quality of life for impaired patients fuels global demand for technology

Robotics, virtual reality, wearables, sensors, and wireless technologies enable advanced rehabilitation devices and ...

New neck collar could provide lifeline for MND sufferers

Researchers trialing revolutinary new support collar to improve lives of patients with Motor Neurone Disease

COMMENT: The future of pain management technology

Andrew Churnside of CME Medical UK looks at innovation in the field of pain management technology and how patient ...

£6 water bottle could reduce deaths from dehydration

50 hospitals trial Hydrant water bottle to prevent dehydration among patients

Manufacturers support healthcare providers facing an increase in the number of obese patients

With obesity one of the biggest health issues facing the UK and the rest of the world, KATHLEEN ARMSTRONG looks at the ...

Renal unit design: focus on the patient

Many dialysis patients spend three or more days a week in renal units, so where they are located, and how they are ...