Probrand wins two-year USB contract for all NHS hospitals

Probrand wins two-year USB contract for all NHS hospitals


Firm to supply military-grade USB for improved data security

Technology services provider, Probrand, has secured a two-year sole supplier contract providing NHS hospitals with an encrypted military-grade USB for concrete data security.

The move futureproofs hospital data stored on USB sticks as new EU data protection laws dawn, proposing tighter policing and increased fines up to €1M Euro for data losses.

The Probrand SafeXs USBs are powered by BlockMaster software and provide cross operating system functionality including full password protection, automatic time lapse lock-down, remote reset and full control and compliance through Safeconsole management software.

Probrand was chosen after helping the NHS to save £2m on USB devices through its CIPS-accredited IT procurement site, which offers specialist public sector pricing and saves buyers time and money.

This online procurement tool, which has won the business a Queen’s Award for Innovation , is set to offer SafeXs encrypted USBs via an NHS CPC framework agreement.

Richard Hunter-Rice, business development manager at Probrand, said: “Latest EU movements to increase policing and fines for data loss confirm that the business and public communities value data protection highly. This has bounced data governance to the top of the agenda again. It is great to see the NHS pro-actively leading other organisations to better protect data.”

Anders Kjellander, chief security officer at BlockMaster, added: “The NHS has taken the first steps needed to erase a considerable data loss threat by selecting managed secure USB drives with BlockMaster technology as the industry standard. It is an important signal to the public sector.”