Building Better Healthcare


Arts and health - more than just a picture

Art projects in hospitals are becoming more commonplace as the impact on the patient experience is more widely recognised

Design and Build | Therapeutic Sector | Dementia

Royal opening for Essex pathology laboratory

Pathology First is one of the highest-specification laboratories in the country, delivering efficiencies, improved quality, faster turnaround times for tests and better value for money

Measurement and Analysis

£4bn funding boost to digitise the NHS

Announcement expected that will pave the way for a paperless health service


A window to the world of mental health

This article looks at how the emergence of vision panels has revolutionised mental health care and showcases the latest technologies available

Design and Build | Therapeutic Sector | Mental Health

New report suggests supported self-care may improve patient outcomes

Eight-month trial in Bristol shows GP contacts reduced by a third and patient activation levels increased to 56%

R and D

VDI: the sensible option for addressing healthcare IT challenges in Europe

Increasing use of desktop virtualisation as health trusts across Europe embrace technology

Carter Review demands NHS becomes more transparent and trusts work together to enhance services

Long-awaited report calls for standardised procedures, improved benchmarking, more transparency, and better financial control


Medical care in the digital age

How technology is transforming access to healthcare

Stroke garden opens at Nottingham hospital

Rehabilitation area unveiled at City Hospital

Design and Build

Legionella - blowing bugs out the water

What can hospitals do to combat the threat of Legionella in hospital water supplies?

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