Building Better Healthcare


Party Politics: How the general election will affect future spending on healthcare infrastructure

Graham Dupree of Mills & Reeve looks at how the upcoming General Election is likely to impact the healthcare estate

Design and Build | Finance

A room with a hue

How the use of colour can enhance dementia care environments

Design and Build

Comment: Planning 'crucial' to future of the NHS estate

Andrew Simpson asks 'isn't it time to put planning at the heart of decision-making with regards to the future of the NHS estate'?

Design and Build

Taking to the skies to enhance trauma services

An insight into the increase in hospital helipads and considerations for design

Design and Build

Cloud-based data storage solutions crucial to enhancing NHS services, new report claims

Frost & Sullivan analysis calls for investment in IT solutions and infrastructure

Information Technology

Comment: Open source can bring NHS IT back to the future

Malcolm Senior, director of informatics at Taunton and Somerset NHS Foundation Trust, discusses the impact of open-source technology within the NHS

Information Technology

Advancing healthcare together - Taking medical IT into the next generation

Experts reveal how NHS trusts will pool resources to enhance services in the future

Information Technology

Better monitoring saves lives and money: Improving patient safety through improved patient monitoring

Exploring how improvements to remote patient monitoring can reduce adverse events in hospitals

Medical Devices

Empowering patients: Transforming the health economy by design

New European congress to drive the application of research within the field of healthcare design

Design and Build | R and D

Has the digital pen run out of ink?

Glyn Cunnah of Footprint Solutions argues why tablets are a better solution that digital pen technology for healthcare workers

Information Technology

'Trailblazing' NHS portal allows patients to compare care

NHS 'blazing a trail across the world' as first major health economy to publish comparable data on healthcare organisations


Comment: In 2015, letís do something smarter

In this article Mathew Key, head of technology at Isansys, argues how doctors and nurses need to use innovative patient monitoring technologies to identify new trends before they become an issue

Medical Devices